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There are three age-correlated series, the Preschool level, Primary level and Junior level. All levels evaluate the young, non-native learners’ abilities to recognize common Chinese vocabularies and to associate language into life. Writing section is merely an optional task within all the levels.


The Preschool level targets to students at age 2-6, gives children opportunity to perform many funny tasks and produce linguistic response within. Through three levels’ behavioral tasks testing auditory comprehension, oral expression and visual comprehension, the tests are designed to maximize children’s motivation in exploring and interacting.


The Primary level targets to students at age 6-12, gives children the chance to reveal everything they have learned. With its four levels which test listening, reading and speaking, the tests are designed to stimulate your child’s joy and interest in learning language.


The Junior level targets to students at age 13-18, the three levels of the YLPSK Junior demonstrates every success in listening, reading and speaking abilities and serves as a benchmark for further growth.

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