About Us

About Us

We have a large and authoritative research and consultancy team which is distinctive for its members’ profound academic and social influence. Their advice, support and assistance have enabled YLPSK to become a comprehensive and holistic platform for Chinese language and proficiency standards testing. Some of them helped in technical improvements of YLPSK’s products and services as well.


YLPSK is the tools you needed for:

* Guiding teaching so as to improve professionalism

* Setting teaching goals and monitoring students’ learning progress

* Making informed placement decisions while assigning students into levels of instruction

* Increasing students’ confident real life Chinese-language interaction

* Awarding accredited and statistically-analyzed assessment results to acknowledge progression


YLPSK involves a linear series of three Chinese language assessment (to be known as a three-year preschool level assessment, a four-year primary level assessment, and a three-year junior level assessment) as well as a bunch of other educational supports. It is jointly developed by the Peking University and the YLPSK Examination Board in 2011. It provides a series of authoritative, standardized Chinese language proficiency assessments for young learners whose age range from 2 to 18.


From America to Europe and Australia, the need for Mandarin Chinese language competency is being recognized and academic programs are increasingly emphasizing the importance of learning Chinese. We will help Chinese language students prepare for this exciting new world.


Young learners thrive on the recognition of their accomplishments. Manifested by language competency attributes, which is carefully developed by an authoritative academic team, YLPSK enlighten students to see their language improvements and competency. Gain confidence and efficacy through recognition of their successes. And to know further what to expect and what to do. While it also give teachers and parents an accurate, meaningful measure of students’ strengths to communicate upon.


Learning needs facilitating, learning needs scaffolding. Teachers and parents would always have tons of information cooked for the little kid to swallow. Problem is it does not always create meaning for them. Sometimes they digest very difficultly, and sometimes they just wouldn’t be willing to take anything. It leaves this responsibility to a team of professionals and scholars to review that what to equip, and where a hand is needed while mounting. YLPSK gives empowerment for adults by giving them plans and tools to teach, gives empowerment to kid as they now focus on the content and ability undistracted. Leaves the only obligation for you, is to observe their sprout.


From continents to continents, the importance of Chinese Mandarin is widely being recognized, and the urge for learning Chinese becomes greater than ever. Academic projects are shifting it attention upon ways and means of learning Chinese. To be familiar with a language, in this sense, requires hours by hours of language engagement. Learning from native teacher is not necessary a good way in learning Chinese, but what the more fatal thing is, whether it is prepared what to engage and how to engage. YLPSK is not engagement guidance, but an engagement aid that one teacher merely need.


Educators and researchers agree that foreign language learning correlates with higher academic achievement in other areas as students transfer those skills to other subjects and tasks. YLPSK Test encourages further achievement by showing young learners everything they have already accomplished along the way. 

Cultivate your Chinese language students’ potential with an internationally reliable language assessment tool. YLPSK is a solid foundation for future success.  

The mapping of YLPSK assessments with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Mapping with an international framework of reference for languages provides a universal explanation upon Chinese language achievements. It also serves as a dependable guidance for planning what to be learnt. Matching with global benchmark helps teachers and parents to better understand students’ progress, strengths and aspects pending further development.

In order to maintain to be a reliable measurement of young learners’ Chinese proficiency, all YLPSK requirements are calibrated to the standards of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, and a Common European Framework of Reference for language (CEFR), which is recognized across Europe and elsewhere in Latin America and Asia.

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